Month: February 2014

Overwhelm leading to Speechlessness?

lonely man sitting along on bench


The experience of grievers seems to have common elements, one of which is speechlessness. In a certain stage, I was speechless. You can call it shock, or shock-induced speechlessness. Nevertheless – speechless.

Another common element in grief seems to be speechlessness in (some) people surrounding us. Some of my what I though of good friends have not found back to talking. Talking to me. I am puzzled. It is 2 years + and some friends have not spoken to me, some stopped after the initial condolences.

This is not about blaming those but finding reasons why this is or could be so. ‘Could be’ as I only know as much as to what has been said to me or other grievers.

Changes in the bereaved person:

  • Death and grieving changes us on a fundamental level
  • Grieving is intense, probably the most intense experience for me in my life so far
  • Grieving shakes the fundamental trust in life

Specifically what I have experienced: (more…)