Month: November 2014

When Is It Time To Delete My Late Mother’s Address Details?

~ AMY & Mimi ~

~ AMY & Mimi ~

I’ve been wondering about this for a while.
My mother will be dead 3 years in January. When I came to live in Switzerland (2+ years ago) I took over my mum’s mobile phone number due to reasons that would not fit into this blog post.

I’ve caused a few shocks to people who had her saved in their phone, when I called and my Mum’s name appeared on the display.
One of my aunt even told me she didn’t want to call me because of the significance of my phone number.

Today, again, I received an SMS from my Mum’s. As I typed a message to my husband in the messenger App on the Mac, it appeared with my Mum’s name on the phone. This does not happen all the time so I’m curious to when it does (and when not).

Sometimes my Dad calls and my Mum’s name appears, as their home details where saved as one contact detail.

Like with Amya I don’t need to be reminded that my Mum and my daughter are dead. It’s not something I will ever forget.

So, when is it time to delete her contact details from my address book?