I Need Your Help!

~~~ honoring ~~~

~~~ honoring ~~~

In honor of ❤ Amya Mirica Hope ❤ Please read on…
Remember Return To Zero – the film I’m passionate about because it is addressing the taboo of stillbirth, child loss, miscarriage… This film is a touching contribution to help lift this taboo. Please, do this worthwhile cause a favor and MAKE A PLEDGE to go and see the film on an opening weekend in a city near you.
It’s easy to do, simply by filling out this form:
No sign up or cost!
As your local leader, please do me a favor to add my name – my aim is to collect at least 100 local pledges, not because I get anything for it, but because, as you know, the topic of neonatal death is very close to my ❤

If you like more information on Return to Zero click here to watch the video in regards to their aim or view their website here.