Little Passion (Ananda Mae) is now also writing letter to her sister Hope (Amya Mirica). Click here to read some…

Why Hope & Passion?

Hope and Passion were the names my twin girls chose when still in utero. During the pregnancy, twins are usually called ‘twin 1 or A’ and ‘twin 2 or B’ and are labelled on Ultrasound like that to have clarity over which embryo / fetus is what size etc.

When we experienced the challenges in pregnancy  we felt that the girls were fed up being called twin 1 and twin 2. My husband had the idea to choose some cards from a deck of angel cards by Toni Carmine Salerno. As those of you who are familiar with drawing cards know, there is no coincidence in what we ‘randomly’ choose.

This is how twin 1 got her name Passion and twin 2 became Hope.

When they were born, they received their earthly names and kept the other names as middle names.

If you want to know about the meaning of the names, read here.


  1. Hi! My name is Melisa and I live in Argentina, so far away from you, but so close in my heart. In June 2013 my boys (identical twins) were born, really premature, Marco died 20 days later. ..and my soul and mind were instantly broken. .I couldn’t understand how was I supose to rise a twinless twin! How could I survive without my boy? How could I go on without my twins?
    Now Tomás is a two years old sun…a light that saves me a million times a Day.
    I’m writing to ask how is she, your beatiful passion, is she sad? Does she miss her Sister? Is she as happy and in peace as she looks like? That’s what i’m constantly worried about, my twinless twin, my warrior. ..i’m scared he will be sad, lonely. ..
    Sorry about my english, is obviusly not my language jaja!!
    Thank you for shearing your story and your wisdon.

    1. Dear Melisa,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Ananda Mae Passion is now almost 4 years old and I can honestly not say that she shows much sign of sadness.
      I’m very aware of the differences between my grieving journey and hers and let her have her own.
      Currently she’s trying to understand the process of dying/death/being death.
      It comes as phases and I’m open to her processing her being a twinless twin at her own timing.
      All Love,

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