I am here now

griefquoteI have been sharing a lot here on this blog about my journey with grief. I also want to share with you the journey towards the beautiful gift that came with it: the publishing of my first book Grieving Parents: Surviving Loss as a Couple

The intent of the book is to allow couples to work towards a healthy grieving process, even while they are in it. I envisage parents receiving so much understanding, acceptance and support by reading the book, that they feel encouraged to share it with others. I envisage these parents to donate books to hospitals, bereavement centres, social work departments, OB offices etc of their choice, in honour of their baby/child.

The planned publication date is Sept, 1st 2014 – in honour of the birth of my daughters Ananda Mae, turning three this year and Amya Mirica, always in our hearts.

¸.•´*¨`*•✿ Nathalie Himmelrich
❥ My website: www.nathaliehimmelrich.com
❥ About the book: www.grievingparents.net

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I am here now
Grief has made me more real
more myself than I have ever been
I can be true to myself
and disappoint another
because I stood eye to eye with death
I handed over my daughter
to be the soaring spirit
she was meant to be
and even though I was disappointed
(and that’s mildly put)
I knew she was and always has been
True to her own soul
~ Nathalie Himmelrich

The quote is part of the interview series on ‘Grieving Parents dealing with the Loss of their Child’ which will become part of the forthcoming book ‘Grieving Parents: Surviving Loss as a Couple’. Find out more about the book on the links above and the following FB pages:

Photo by Luch Bernhard Photography, Byron Bay


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