How Long Are You Meant to Grieve?


Photo Credit: Michael Goh, Perth

I’ve been pondering the question: How long are we meant to grieve? Not due to society or other things outside of ourselves.
How long are you meant to grieve for yourself?
How long are you meant to do or not do anything?

I read the following words this week. They might help you ponder your timeline of grief:

What is your experience? As much as others experience too…
In some way you
Might never ‘get over’ important loss
It will inevitably change you
You do however have the choice
Whether this change is for the better

Sometimes the weight of your grief
Overcomes you
One day will be better
One day worse
Allow it
And feel the pain

You will notice
That you doubt your resilience
Be patient
And become clear that grief
Even though it needs time
Brings healing in the end

Allow yourself to feel better again
To laugh with friends and have fun
Your life is full and fulfilled
To live is not an unfaithful betrayal of a memory
But a fulfilment of a promise to someone
Who only wishes the best for you

There might be a small place within you
Which will remain void
Appreciate its value
A stillness
An emptiness remaining may be the way
To keep in connection with them

If you feel
That your pain has robbed your life
Of any direction, purpose or joy
Reveal your emptiness
Take note
Write, talk, live

Life counts,
No matter how long or short it is
And it remains
Trust yourself and your heart
And that your life
Counts too, today, everyday

It may seem
That you never again will be happy
Be sure, that you will be
And that your joy will have a richness and depth
That knows is stems from your deep pain and your deepest healing.

Remember the reasons to live
There will be reasons now
You have got a future ahead of you
That is worth to persevere
And you deserve to find renewed purpose and joy in your life.

Remember your self, grieve… but also live.




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