Remembering Womb Time With Her Twiny

Our family of 4

Our family of 4

Ok, so I have always been wondering whether and how much Ananda Mae would remember and realise of her time in the womb with her twin sister Amya Mirica. So far, I can only know for sure what it means to me, to remember them together in my belly and have her alive with us and Amya in memory.

Ananda Mae is starting to make references of her as a baby. She’s pointing to my belly and especially the scar from the c-section draws a lot of her attention. She says: ‘Baby usecho’ which means ‘Baby came out’ and it’s not yet clear with her pronunciation whether she says baby or babies. She also knows and refers to Amya on pictures and when she wants a balloon to rise to the sky, which traditionally we do on Amya’s remembrance day – which she has only really consciously been part of once.

Today I have been reading an amazing post on Babies remembering their birth story by Wendy Langshaw. She describes a conversation with her 3.5 year old daughter who remembers (parts of) her birth. 

It makes me wonder again, what it is like for Ananda Mae to be born and then continue living without her womb mate?! How might it feel for her to see her and Amya’s picture of two tiny babies on my chest?

And again, I can only tell that for me, it would suck! I would be sad, confused, worried, annoyed, … and what not.  I have been wondering whether Ananda Mae’s incessant whining stands in any relationship to that situation, or whether it is just a normal 2+ year old behaviour? I asked at her children’s group, which she goes to and asked whether they normally see this kind of behaviour in children that age. They said: ‘We were wondering why she is whining a lot.’ According to them, it is not what they commonly see. I trust that one lady’s 20 years of experience will be allowing her to make an observation like that, which is more founded than my experience with my 2 year old and plenty of 1st – 3rd grade children…

Anyway, I’m waiting to hear more from Ananda Mae’s memory box. Until today, I’m just continuously amazed by things like this: A few weeks ago, after someone’s (a person very close to AM) dad passed away, she said 3 times ‘go up to the light’ within the space of 7 days. When asking her what she meant, she just repeated the same sentence.

Then, yesterday, out of the ‘blue’ she says: ‘seen an angel’ ~ I ask ‘where?’ ~ she waits… looks up to the chandelier and says ‘white’.



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