Celebrating My Daughters’ Birthday

This year I wanted to remember and honour the birth of my ‘remembered child’, Amya Mirica Hope.

Ananda Mae gets all the attention, eats her birthday cake (or mostly the smarties), receives beautiful cards and presents. Amya is a memory… So here is a tribute to her…



  1. What an absolutely beautiful & moving tribute to your beautiful daughter Amya Mirica Hope & how amazing for Ananda Mae that you have the photos & all your writings for her to treasure when she gets older …… xxx

    1. Thank you for your comment Marissa.
      Yes, I do hope that we will still use computers and the internet with youtube (or something similar) so she gets to see it one day when she will have an even bigger understanding that she does now when she watched it.
      xxx n.

  2. Such a stunning video, the love for your little girls such shines through. Our stories are a little similar, I lost two of my identical triplets conceived through IVF after the transfer of one embryo. It will be two years at the end of this month. I miss them every day.

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