“It wasn’t meant to be” is Dead!

Do not 'meant to be' me...

Do not ‘meant to be’ me…

I have said it myself.

I hear people say it.

Who are we to know ‘what was or wasn’t meant to be?’ anyway??? The statement itself is just that: a statement. Something that is said to attempt make us or others feel better, to accept the inacceptable, to continue in the face of the not-understandable, to find justification for something that has none.

The dictionary explains: ‘meant to be’ meaning ‘ destined to exist. So then ‘it wasn’t meant to be’ would mean ‘not destined to exist’. For those who believe in fate… it would fall into that realm. For those who believe in God… it would depend on His will.

Whatever realm you fit it in, it has little to no place in response to someone grieving. If they say it, ok. If you say it, not good. Totally wrong. Out of place.

Whether someone dies or lives is just that. Whether you chose to believe it’s because it’s meant to be or not, is your choice but PLEASE do not try and console anyone in any kind of grief with this cliché. It’s totally out of place.

It might sound good it relation to romanticism, but that’s it.


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