Forget Me Not

This was one of those days I felt compelled to tell someone that I had twins. Some days I’m quite happy to be a ‘normal’ mother with one child. Then, other days I am reminded how easily Amya is forgotten, just a story that once was told and left people speechless. Even now it does sometimes.

So today I met this mum at swimming with 3 children who was noticeably stressed getting them dressed. I said: How are you doing it with 3? The conversation went on to parents with multiples and there I was saying: I had twins.

I feel kind of awkward. It’s like a fabricated conversation that ends usually by the other person being stunned into silence. Why is it that this topic of the death of a child who affects 1 in 4 people is still so taboo?!?

I’m over the moon that a film is coming out that tells the true story about stillbirth: Return to Zero. I hope it gets people talking.

Because even I’m not doing a great job stunning people into silence…


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