Our 2012 in Review

  • January 2012 – Relieved 2011 was gone we started fresh, saying ‘This will be a better year!’
  • 19 January 2012 – My Mum passed away – exactly the day a year after I got pregnant with Hope & Passion
  • 22 January 2012 – We arrive in Switzerland after heaps of rushed organization of passport etc to help organize my Mother’s funeral
  • February – return to Australia, starting to organize an oversea’s move, processing life without a daughter and mother
  • April – packing boxes
  • May – more boxes… and a well deserved holiday
  • July – Nonno arrives to help
  • 4 August 2012 – We fly to Switzerland. The final step of a long and lengthy prepared move
  • rest of the year — unpacking
  • December – Christmas without…

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