Today 15 Months Ago

I held you in my arms

~ Close to my heart ~

~ Close to my heart ~

The one and only time

I held you close to my heart

For you to hear your mother’s heartbeat one more time

Knowing that it was our time to say good-bye

I carried you back to heaven’s door

For you to become what you were destined to always be

Our Angel, our Miracle

The shepherd that accompanied her twin sister to her destiny

to live a life here on earth

Always in communication with you

Yet not for us to see

And still…

I hold you close to my heart

Whenever I hold you sister

I hold you close to my heart too

As from one became two

And from two became one again

So I hold you close to my heart




  1. I only held our first son, Jake once (as he was taking his last breaths). It has been 7 years and I am still not sure how anyone got me to let him go. Thinking of you all and wishing I could make this journey less painful (for both of us). Take care. xo

  2. Hi Lanie,
    As excruciatingly painful it was to hold my daughter as she passed, for me I also felt huge gratitude to be able to accompany her back to her ‘spirit’ life. I had never before been present to someone dying.
    Having said all this now I look back at photos and I can hardly believe that I was able to get through this…
    Take care xo

  3. What beautiful words. I’m sure that she heard her mother’s heart beating and that it comforted her as she died, surrounded by your love. Just as she was for her entire life and is today. I’m so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter, Amya Mirica Hope x

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