Today a Year Ago – 10 Days in September

~ remembering birth-day ~

As a process of remembering and dealing with my experience I recall the first 10 days of September 2011. This is what I wrote last year:

10 days in September

~ We gave birth to two beautiful girls at the start of spring
~ We have both of our girls hanging onto life in Intensive Care (NICU)
~ We mourned the transition of one girl back into spirit
~ Our other girl feels the stress of her sister leaving her body
~ Chris got picked up by the police driving an unregistered vehicle – ours…
~ We drive away from the petrol station and our credit card payment failed to go through – we get a card from the police under our door when we come back home
~ I drop my iPhone into the sterilizing kit at the hospital – swimming in Milton it is now VERY clean
~ We have to organize the funeral of our own daughter
~ We are looked after and supported by my sister and our beautiful friends
~ I breastfeed my child in bliss
~ We learn being parents and truly truly enjoy our little girl
~ We come home empty handed every night as we leave the NICU
~ We meet our grief and sadness with total awareness and spiritual faith
~ We sing and chant to our girl daily

This year we are taking it very easy, in comparison:


~ We celebrate Ananda Mae’s first birthday
~ We remember Amya Mirica’s birth day a year ago in a circle with the closest of heart, friends and family
~ We remember 3 September and are thankful for Casandra‘s support, one of the volunteer photographer from Heartfelt, on the most difficult day of our lives – Thank You ❤
~ Ananda Mae is exploring her world crawling and through assisted walking
~ Ananda Mae is sick – does she mourn in her own way the non physicality of her twin sister?
~ We are settling in to our new home
~ We are clearing my parent’s stuff, a lifetime of memory… another big process


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